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Since its foundation, our mission has always been very well defined: to be much more than an educational institution.

We are an innovative, multilingual and multicultural school focusing on personal, social and emotional development in a caring environment.
Cambridge Assessment International Education

A Global priority for an ever-changing world

Dual Certificate – Cambridge International

Colégio Guadalupe presents international education as one of the primary pillars of its educational proposal.

Have you heard about our Visual Arts course?

A course with a unique approach, centered on developing creative, critical and technological skills, which prepares you to compete both nationally and internationally in the fields of design and the arts.

Our educational offers


Preschool involves activities that allow children to develop at their pace.

Elementary school

Discovering and developing each student's potential

2nd Cycle

An essential stage in the students' academic pathway, through the acquisition of fundamental bases and tools for the future.

3rd Cycle

We encourage our students to be problem solvers, decision-makers and responsible citizens.

High School

High school is an exciting and challenging phase of our students' lives.

Dual Certification

Students obtain National Curriculum Certification and Cambridge International Certification, which will provide them with valuable international references.


An innovative and complete teaching tool that enhances involvement and knowledge.

Psychology, Guidance and Counselling Service

Focused on the student, their feelings, conflicts and perceptions, believing in their potential and capacity for growth.
marque visita
An open mind,
a world
without borders

Situated in the heart of the Aroeira pine forest, our campus was designed using creative architectural principles that reflect our environmental commitment.

Its integration with the natural landscape creates an environment that provides peace and quiet, a factor that we believe to be fundamental for the emotional balance of our students and collaborators.

Much more than an educational institution

History of the School


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Library and the 10 minutes of reading

intencao pedagogica

Pedagogical Intent

We are prepared to think of the student as a constantly developing being who needs to be prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

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Science with Art


National Final of the Computer Olympics

At Guadalupe you are leader dreamer creative thinker respected

Colégio de Guadalupe is a private educational institution,from 3 years old to 12th grade, which offers a very high standard of education. With excellent environmental and architectural conditions, our School stands out for its innovative research method, carried out by our students, and encouraged by our teachers.

Excellent environmental and architectural conditions.

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  Colégio Guadalupe had the honour of being invited by the British Embassy to attend the event promoted by Cambridge…
Science with Art

Science with Art

The Science with Art night is back, an event organised by the Departments of Experimental Sciences and Artistic Expressions. We…
National Final of the Computer Olympics

National Final of the Computer Olympics

Afonso Sancho,10th grade student, participated, on may 20th, in the National Final of the Computing Olympics, in the Faculty of…
JAP Digital Innovation Challeng

JAP Digital Innovation Challeng

Starting on May 15th, 12th grade students Inês Galvão, João Venes and Marta Nascimento developed a daily work in the…