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Ocean Literacy

Within the scope of the Project “The Brigade# Loving the Sea #”, a talk was held on 22nd March, organised by Seixal Town Council, entitled “”, whose speaker was the diver Sónia Sousa Ell.


The speaker is a trainer and promoter of awareness-raising actions regarding the preservation of marine ecosystems, on the mainland and islands, having visited more than 100 schools, where she implemented the “Ocean Literacy” sessions.

Sonia Ell took part in around 50 underwater and land-based clean-up actions, with over 50 tonnes of marine litter collected by schools, volunteers and divers.

In the first part of the talk, the diver highlighted the importance of sharks to the marine ecosystem, which provoked a lot of interest. In the second part, the speaker spoke about the scourge of marine litter on the ecosystem, highlighting that most of the debris that ends up in the oceans comes from our homes. At the end of the lecture, the students questioned the guest about various aspects related to the topic and became aware of the importance of all of us preserving the Oceans and, thus, maintaining life on Earth.

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