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Pedagogical Intent

An Active Learning

We are prepared to think of the student as a being in constant development who needs to be prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world without forgetting the values and principles that must remain unchanged. We believe all students have a sparkle of their own, a voice that should be heard.

Every day we encourage our students to question, discover and try to surpass themselves, supporting and guiding them to become better people, professionals and leaders.

The trust shown by generations of parents and guardians in our educational project has guided our constant innovation and modernisation.

Teaching and learning in the digital age

We train our students to integrate into a world of new technologies, favouring different forms of knowledge, communication and expression, opening new horizons through bilingual education and preparing our students for an increasingly demanding, competitive and global world.

intencao pedagogica

An open mind, a world without borders

Our primary goal is to provide our students with a complete education that strengthens their identity as citizens of the world, encouraging them to be flexible to the perspectives and traditions of other individuals and communities whilst understanding and appreciating their culture, personal history and identity. We believe that the world should be seen with an open mind, without borders or limits, and that everything should be seen globally.
  • Encourage rigorous learning processes
  • To stimulate in the student the acquisition of study and work habits, making him the protagonist of his education, and to achieve an excellent degree of intellectual, ethical, social and physical preparation
  • Work on transversality as an essential source of values and attitudes
  • To deepen self-knowledge and encourage respect for ideological, religious, social and cultural differences, to achieve a tolerant and participatory school
  • To develop the socialisation of the student through group work but always as a complement to the individual
  • To ensure that our students acquire the necessary tools for access to the culture of our time, whether artistic, instrumental or scientific
  • To form the students in a happy, welcoming and optimistic environment
  • To encourage values: motivation, freedom of thought, friendship, self-esteem, happiness and respect for others
  • Contribute with their individual and collective commitment to the improvement of the educational community
  • To contribute with ideas and interests towards a common purpose
  • To establish significant levels of demand and to achieve them successfully
  • Achieving maximum competence and commitment from all organs of the educational community
  • Ensure the optimal functioning and relationship of the whole collective, assuming the rights and duties of each one, stimulating the spirit of initiative and ideas
  • Seek the participation of all sectors in educational tasks
  • To enhance and facilitate teacher and non-teacher training activities so that they can apply new knowledge and techniques in the classroom and on school premises
  • Continuously improve the quality of teaching by observing the professional performance of teachers
  • To foster collaboration, joint reflection and the exchange of professional experiences between all Departments
  • To promote active collaboration between the School and the Family, improving the relational climate, providing an exchange of experiences
  • Encourage the participation of students in school life, collaborating in the improvement of the functioning of the School
  • Involve parents in monitoring their children’s school progress
  • Stimulating the relations of the School with other institutions in society by promoting and participating in various activities of a cultural, scientific, sports or equally relevant nature
  • Develop modern national and international curricula and programmes adapted to our times
  • To form a faculty with a spirit of initiative, entrepreneurs and a concerted vision of the current world
  • To establish dialogue, continuity and coherence between the various cycles;
  • To enhance coordination and teamwork
  • Achieving greater uniformity about general pedagogical principles
  • Regularly evaluate the functioning of the School using the results of this evaluation to guide future action
  • Accepting mistakes as a way to improve
  • Use appropriate problem-solving and decision-making strategies
  • Carry out activities in an individual, responsible and creative manner
  • To guarantee and promote the training of teachers and non-teaching staff aimed at the acquisition of skills, both professional and in terms of citizenship
  • Create protocols with various public and private entities involving civil society to ensure quality and prominence to the activities for citizenship education.
  • Improve environmental performance and raise community awareness using the Eco-Escolas programme
  • Establishing our effective communication channels
  • Keeping the website and other platforms for communicating with the outside of Colégio Guadalupe up to date
  • Develop projects that allow the participation of Families
  • Promote/deepen partnerships/protocols with Seixal Municipal Council, Parish Councils and economic entities

News and Events

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