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School’s History

“A Family that grew into a big family”

Since its foundation, the mission of Colégio Guadalupe has always been well defined: to be much more than an educational establishment. And so it has remained for the past 50 years, actively participating in transforming the lives of our students in positive ways.

The school’s name, Guadalupe, is a tribute to Teacher Maria de Guadalupe, who passed away in 1998. Maria de Guadalupe was the esteemed founder of the D. Henrique and Novo Dia schools that preceded the establishment of Colégio Guadalupe. It was her children who established Colégio Guadalupe in the year 2000, naming it in honor of their mother.

Colégio Guadalupe is located in the heart of the Aroeira pine forest and is a private educational establishment which covers all cycles from nursery school to secondary school. Its integration into the natural landscape creates a study environment that favours peace, which we believe is fundamental for the emotional balance of our students and collaborators.

In excellent environmental and architectural conditions, the School has distinguished itself by its innovative research line carried out by our students and encouraged by our teachers. The whole building was designed to promote interaction between the school community.

The trust shown by generations of parents and guardians in our educational project has guided our constant innovation and modernisation without forgetting values and principles that must remain unchanged.

The teaching staff is prepared to think of the student as a being in constant development who needs stimulation and affection, using strategies that are always motivating and focused on learning.

News and Events

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Science with Art

Science with Art

The Science with Art night is back, an event organised by the Departments of Experimental Sciences and Artistic Expressions. We…
National Final of the Computer Olympics

National Final of the Computer Olympics

Afonso Sancho,10th grade student, participated, on may 20th, in the National Final of the Computing Olympics, in the Faculty of…
JAP Digital Innovation Challeng

JAP Digital Innovation Challeng

Starting on May 15th, 12th grade students Inês Galvão, João Venes and Marta Nascimento developed a daily work in the…


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