Atividades extra curriculares

Football School

Colégio Guadalupe Football School offers school students the chance to join a football team, where they come into contact with the sport in order to develop their technical and cognitive skills.

Football also aims to transmit social and human values, providing them with balance, responsibility and the ability to participate actively in society. To this end, games are often played to stimulate and promote team spirit, mutual help and, consequently, group unity.

Football meetings with other clubs are held, providing a more playful and competitive moment.

In this way, conditions are provided for the initiation of the sport, as well as for its continuation over the years, where the performance and the path of the practitioners is positive and pleasurable.

Escola de Futebol

Monday and Wednesday

Preschool: 4 pm

1st, 2nd and 3rd grade: 4:45 pm

4th, 5th e 6th grade: 5:30 pm

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