Working at the school Guadalupe

A family that created a big family.

Colégio Guadalupe started as a family business. This spirit has been maintained This spirit has been maintained over the years and has evolved into a dynamic and internationally minded team ofteachers and non-teaching staff.

We are committed to finding highly qualified, dedicated and passionate professionals who want to progress in an institution in constant evolution.
What to expect

From the beginning, all professionals are supported and accompanied by their colleaguesto feel part of the educational community.

Emotional management group for employees (teaching and non-teaching)

The Office of PPsychology, Guidance and Counselling and Professor Bárbara Ribeiro joined psychology and yoga in a programme for psychological and physical wellbeing. The sessions are composed of three moments: breathing re-education techniques, group dynamics and yoga.


Colégio Guadalupe is located in the heart of the Aroeira pine forest, a peaceful area 20minutes from the centre of Lisbon, close to the sea and beaches.


Spontaneous application

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